Why not just wait until the baby is born? It is more expensive to have the test now.

While it is several hundred dollars more to have the non-invasive prenatal test, the outcome of the test affects so many lives that it is usually money well spent.  Instead of two or three families holding their breath waiting to see what family a baby belongs to, the families can plan for the new arrival.  Paternity can be determined before the mother is even 3 months along.  There will be no need for the potential fathers to even inform their families until they know the results of the test. 

The stress that this eliminates for the mother, her family, the potential fathers and their families can be significant.  The stress of not knowing the answer can be physically harmful to everyone involved.  Many studies have shown that stress can even significantly impact the pregnancy. 

Everyone’s life may be put on hold until the results are known.  The alleged fathers may not know whether to continue school or find a higher paying job.  The mother may not want to pursue a relationship with one man when the other one may be the father.  Nine months can be a very long time when waiting to determine the paternity of a child.

The effects of the test spread beyond just the mother and the potential father.  Each of their families is anxious to know whether or not they will be welcoming a new baby.  The alleged fathers may be reluctant to even inform their families if they are not sure that the child is theirs.  Nothing like telling grandma she is getting a new grandbaby…maybe. 

There are many personal reasons for verifying paternity before the birth of the child.  The reason will vary from one case to another.  Regardless of the reasons that you want the paternity test, it is a very important decision.  Making sure that you have an accurate reliable test is the most important decision that you have to make when deciding to test. 

Always use an AABB accredited laboratory.  That is the only assurance that you have that the test is performed by a reliable and trustworthy laboratory.  DO NOT go online and choose a laboratory based on what the website says.  You may not even be using a laboratory.  By going to the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) website you can be assured that, by choosing one of the laboratories listed, you will receive a legitimate test.  http://www.aabb.org/SA/FACILITIES/Pages/RTestAccrFac.aspx 

PTC Laboratories has been an AABB accredited laboratory for more than 15 years.  Our non-invasive prenatal test is the only non-invasive test available that has publications in major medical journals.  If you have questions or need information about this test, please visit our website:  http://prenatal.ptclabs.com/ or reach us by telephone at 888-837-8323.


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