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Is there a non-invasive prenatal paternity test that meets PTC’s high standards of quality and reliability?


There is a new baby coming.  The problem is that there are two possible fathers!  Until recently it was impossible to reliably determine paternity before birth without an invasive and risky procedure.

For several years it has been possible to have a paternity test from the mother’s blood, but the results were very often incorrect.  There was really no point in having the non-invasive test because it was so inaccurate that the chance of obtaining a correct answer was just about the same as the chance of receiving a wrong answer.

That has changed.  New technologies and methods for isolating the fetal DNA from the mother’s blood have made it possible to reliably determine paternity before birth without the risks and cost associated with invasive procedures such as amniocentesis and Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS).

Paternity Testing Corporation has been the leader in reliability of DNA testing for more than 15 years.  The most important aspect of DNA paternity testing is ensuring the parents that the answer obtained is the correct answer.  In more than 15 years of paternity testing we have NO instances where the results of a PTC paternity test have later been shown to be incorrect.  As far as we know, each and every test that we have issued has the correct paternity determination.  PTC is the only large paternity laboratory that can make this statement.

Making sure that each and every paternity test is correct is not a matter of luck or coincidence.  Only being very careful, having protocols in place that are followed exactly for each case, and continually checking for consistency will result in correct answers each and every time.

Before PTC offered this new non-invasive prenatal paternity test we performed a great deal of research.  We knew that many of the non-invasive paternity tests previously offered were inaccurate.  We had seen several examples of inaccurate tests first hand.  Parents questioning the results of a non-invasive prenatal test came to us for help.  In 13 instances (far more than half of the cases we have seen) the results of the non-invasive tests were incorrect.  A non-invasive prenatal test is very difficult.  The test is only accurate if performed correctly and carefully each time.  In order to ensure accuracy of the test, the testing procedure must be repeated and produce identical results.  The statistical calculations must be sufficient to ensure an acceptable level of reliability.  Everything must be perfect each time.

Only one fetal DNA laboratory is capable of meeting the high standards of PTC.  This laboratory has been performing these tests on a very limited basis for 4 years.  Until recently, the lab only performed this testing for criminal cases.  Performing the tests accurately takes time, patience and a great deal of skill.  The testing is very labor intensive and requires analysts that are proficient in fetal DNA isolation techniques.  This laboratory focuses on non-invasive prenatal testing for genetic disorders and, until recently, could not commit sufficient staff and time to perform larger numbers of paternity tests.

PTC is now able to offer this test to the general public.  We are proud to announce that we are working in conjunction with our affiliate laboratory to bring this reliable non-invasive prenatal test to every family in need.

Knowing the answer before the baby is born is incredibly important to many families.  The family begins bonding to the baby long before birth.  Waiting until birth in order to determine the father of the child not only impacts the mother and her family but also changes the lives of the potential father(s) and their families.  Everyone is anxious and hesitant to move forward until the answer is known.

If you are in need of a non-invasive prenatal paternity test please contact PTC.  You may contact PTC by email or by phone: or 888-837-8323